What do we do?

We measure, on behalf of various professionals and at various points in time, the extent to which an individual client or a group of clients benefits from a specific intervention. There are no limitations to what we can cover. An intervention can vary from a medical treatment or a coaching process to the use of equipment or products.

The report we provide is indepedent and objective and offers both the principal and the client insight in the result achieved. We can prepare an anonymized report for a principal that is based on the reports on a number of clients. In such cases, statistical procedures are used to generate reports on the results achieved by the principal. That is important, given the increasing requirements for transparency.

For groups of professionals working according to a comparable method, we carry out a comparative survey that will eventually lead to statements on the efficacy of the method itself. These findings are obviously recorded in a report. Each professional can also compare his/her own results with that of the group.

In many cases, we work according to the Black Box model. This model entails that one does not look at how the treatment method works, but whether it is effective at all. That makes this model exceptionally suitable for measuring the efficiency of complementary treatment methods. For this, we use existing (validated) questionnaires and, if required, clinical parameters. If you have specific needs, we can also develop a questionnaire, in consultation with you, that will be completely customized according to your requirements.

We also carry out a literature survey and publish the results.

We have a database available enabling us to generate a benchmark study based on a comparable method at population level.