For whom?

Our clientele not only includes individual doctors, therapists and coaches who want to measure the results they have achieved with their interventions. We also carry out surveys for companies on the effectiveness of their products. We also provide to the government, insurers, patient associations and professional practitioner organizations.

  • Floww International
    Health and vitality is important for everyone. According to many studies, non-ionizing radiation from, for example, mobile phones or a UMTS tower, can play a major role in causing symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and stress. Floww® Health Technology converts this harmful radiation into a body-friendly field. Even people who do not experience symptoms of radiation say they receive benefits from using Floww® products and feel more relaxed and energetic. Floww® products are innovative technological products, available for mobile phones, in a convenient pocket size for ’on the go’, or for in the home or office.