Privacy policy

Soffos considers the protection of personal details of great importance and bases its activities on the following considerations

  • Clients are treated with respect.
  • No more details than necessary shall be collected.
  • Extra care will be taken with the collection and processing of particular details of the client. This being personal details such as religion, life considerations and demographic details.
  • Details are anonomised as soon as possible where possible.
  • Reporting is not done on details of an individual client without his explicit approval. An exception to this is the report to the (medical) professional upon whose request the client provided the details.
  • Personal details are only used for scientific purposes if the client gave his explicit consent for this. In that case, the client is informed of the purpose and the setup of the survey and the way in which his personal details will be used in advance. To prove his consent was given, the client signs an informed consent.
  • Details that are used in the survey can not be traced back to individual persons.
  • Personal details acquired from surveys are confidential, unless the client indicated explicitly that he had no objections against disclosure.
  • Soffos takes care of the best possible technical and organizational safeguarding of details.
  • Soffos is registered with the Data Protection Authority. The College controls the observance of laws governing the use of personal details. The College therefore enforces amongst others the observance and implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The College is active in the area of developments in which someone’s privacy may be affected. They give special attention to technological developments and privacy.
  • Should you have questions, ask away. We will gladly answer them.