Developing of questionnaires

If a questionnaire will be used as a measuring instrument, it is important for the questionnaire to be of proper quality. This implies that:

  1. The questionnaire must measure what you want it to measure
  2. The questionnaire must not encourage socially acceptable replies
  3. The questionnaire must be short and to the point
  4. The questionnaire must be unambiguous, not open to multiple interpretations
  5. The questionnaire must be appealing

You can find all these properties in our questionnaires.

We offer questionnaires in many areas, such as:

  • Measuring the client’s quality of life
  • Measuring the client’s state of health, scored by the professional
  • Measuring the client’s stress level
  • Influence of stress on sports achievements
  • Mindfulness questionnaire
  • Questionnaire on burn-out status

New questionnaires are in development. We will publish these in our news letter.

We also design questionnaires for professionals to enable them to measure using an instrument specific for them.