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Measuring Results

The purpose of carrying out an intervention is to implement change with the client. With interventions, one should not only think of medical treatments, but also coaching, products or equipment.

Soffos can measure, in an objective and scientific way, what changes take place and whether they are significant.

We use various methods -in discussion with the principal- individually or in combination, such as:

  • • Getting clients to complete questionnaires at different times
  • • Getting professionals to complete a scoring lists
  • • Measuring clinical parameters of the client, such as:
    • • Medication use
    • • Blood sugar values
    • • Variance in heart rate
    • • Blood pressure
  • We report the results of the intervention in an individual client to the professional in the form of a report.
  • We will, based on the reports of several of a professional’s clients, draw up an anonymous report with (statistical) structured conclusions on his results.
  • We can carry out a benchmark on a professional’s results compared to a group of comparable professionals. The details are obviously anonymous.
  • As our databank will be growing, we can provide statistically structured statements on whether the effect of a type of intervention only occurs in certain disorders or across the board for many disorders.


Soffos has the facilities available to receive all information online. This information is captured in a secure databank; therefore an analysis can be requested of individual clients and of groups at any required moment in time.

Client satisfaction survey

Do you want to know whether your clients are happy with your products and services?
We can investigate it for you.

Literature survey

We carry out a literature survey and publish the results.